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No activity? No problem!

I remember my old days of H:OC with pride, love, and only the smallest amount of disbelief.
I'm sure it's contorted by the passing of time, we all forget how silly we are when years pass, but let's be serious: I never got over H:OC. With its inactivity and passing, a part of me went into hibernation.
So I built that part of me a playground.
I may not be the only one who hasn't moved on, and I may not be the only one who stumbles upon old livejournals that aren't used just for the purpose of wondering... but I'll give it a try anyway.
Through toil and hardship, I crafted an RP to channel that same energy from the old site. is a magical high school set in Los Angeles, CA. It's America, and there are all the familiarities and differences that you'd expect of a new country, and a new school. It's rich in detail, and needs a little shot of absurdity and humor if it's going to hold a candle to the old site.
Give us a visit, if you miss it too. You might see some familiar faces.
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