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Hogwarts On Crack's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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[03 Aug 2009|05:27pm]


It'd been really cool if you filled out an application <3
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No activity? No problem! [02 Feb 2009|07:30am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I remember my old days of H:OC with pride, love, and only the smallest amount of disbelief.
I'm sure it's contorted by the passing of time, we all forget how silly we are when years pass, but let's be serious: I never got over H:OC. With its inactivity and passing, a part of me went into hibernation.
So I built that part of me a playground.
I may not be the only one who hasn't moved on, and I may not be the only one who stumbles upon old livejournals that aren't used just for the purpose of wondering... but I'll give it a try anyway.
Through toil and hardship, I crafted an RP to channel that same energy from the old site.
http://LaTierra.us is a magical high school set in Los Angeles, CA. It's America, and there are all the familiarities and differences that you'd expect of a new country, and a new school. It's rich in detail, and needs a little shot of absurdity and humor if it's going to hold a candle to the old site.
Give us a visit, if you miss it too. You might see some familiar faces.

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True Feelings (A Draco/Hermione fic by Me) [21 Jan 2006|03:25pm]

TRUE FEELINGS (Fanfiction by: slytherinjolie)

Summary: One evening in the Great Hall two seventh year students finally confront each others feelings. "Malfoy, you and I have more in common than what the two of us have let ourselves come to believe." *COMPLETE*

Pairings: Draco/Hermione Harry/Ginny

Rating: PG13


This was my first ever Draco/Hermione fic and I hope all of you guys like it!

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Introducing Myself... [21 Jan 2006|03:23pm]

Hello I'm just introducing myself. My name is Jolie AKA: slytherinjolie.

I'm a **HUGE** Draco/Hermione & Draco/Hermione/Blaise *grins* shipper! But i also like to read other ships as well.

I have recently graduated from college and I'm officially a Massage Therapist. YAY!

I currently have 5 completed Draco/Hermione fics that eventually I will be posting up very soon. And I have 2 WIP...one is a Dramione fic and the other a Dramionaise!

After that i have a whole bunch of Dramione & Dramionaise fics that I'll be doing and posting up. (HAHAHA YOu'll never get rid of me ;-))

Well, I post the fist one up probably by later on the evening!

Glad to know there are other DHr &DHrB fanatics out there like me ;-)

Much love,


(If you wanna friend me don't hesitate to do so...the more the merrier!
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[11 Dec 2005|07:01pm]

Well too much stuff in my closet and some of it is Slytherin merchandise so the best place to advert is here, I guess. Sorry if this is against the rules or spamming your FL but bear with me.

Slytherin garbCollapse )

More items on Ebay and GSJ for anime goods

Payment: Paypal (mandatory for international orders), USPS MO, concealed cash (mandatory for international orders), personal checks with a waiting period of a week.

Paypal: akayen@gmail.com
Questions?: starprincessmeesa@hotmail.com or comment here!

Xposted around so I apologize if you see this again...
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In need of members [11 Sep 2005|08:29am]

[ mood | content ]

Hey! I'm new here and as soon as I saw the name I fell in love. There's also another Hogwarts that's on crack which is Hogwarts for you! http://wwhogwart.proboards33.com/index.cgi it's a fun little forum to just hang out with crazy people and do crazy random things. Save it into your favourites so once your sorted you can join in the fun, come on what are you gonna lose by clicking? We seriously need more members! hope to see you there! oh and by the way, my nickname's Snuff :)

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Hey [09 Aug 2005|02:15am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm new here and my first question is....HOW do they get so many darn hot guys to be in the movies? I mean like WTF? Everyone is good looking almost! Thank Lord for the Brits! And look under the cut for something fun to do!

LookyCollapse )

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[27 Jul 2005|01:15am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hi Everybody!!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the Official Mugglenet.com Live Journal Community has been created, and is officially open. It was created to serve as a haven for all Harry Potter fans, and can be accessed by searching the user name muggle_net or by clicking on the link below. Join, and share comments, questions, requests, suggestions, information, news, fan art, fan fiction, your love for the Harry Potter series, both movie and book, and anything else.


I hope to see you there.

I dont know if these type of posts are allowed. If they are not, im sorry. Just tell me and I will delete it.

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[22 Feb 2005|11:22am]

have you been looking for a Harry Potter forum?

http://www.house-pride.net has a very unique sorting quiz and lots of activity and tons of cool people. The forum is for discussion of all Harry Potter books with divergence into other genres and authors. Our members are very diverse and friendly. It is a safe and intelligent community forum with mail swaps, word games, writing challenges for members of various ages, talents and interests. The book club is currently rereading the HP books and has chapters up for discussion. We have a diligent staff (which I am part of!) where someone is always online if help if needed, with word censors, locked forums, age restriced access, and other precautions to keep the forum clean for everyone. You should check it out!

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6th book DONE [20 Dec 2004|03:23pm]



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[07 Dec 2004|09:51am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Is anyone else a little disappointed with the special features on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD? Nonexistant cast interviews, no concept art, and 5 short extended scenes which weren't really that good. Bah. :(


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A Magical World - HP RPG [30 Sep 2004|12:51pm]

My friend mmmbopthis has made a role play set in the world of Harry Potter. The story at the moment is getting quite interesting, jump over and read a few posts (maybe reading from lower and working up to more recent ones).

If you like what you see and want to start a character (OC or Canon) then click the join button in the userinfo section and you will most likely get accepted within a short time.

Join us at amagicalworld
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Harry Potter RP [11 Sep 2004|01:19am]

If this is not allowed I’m sorry please just delete
Hogwarts order

It's Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is tense due to increased Death Eater activity. Remus Lupin has been reinstated as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and is trying to help Harry get over the death of his godfather, Sirius Black. Severus Snape is spying on the Death Eaters for the Order, though the DE's think he is spying on the Order for them. The Death Eaters are devising a plan to kidnap Harry Potter later in the year.

Dumbledore, in an attempt to bring the students closer together, has managed to get the Muggle internet integrated with Hogwarts and has given all the students and teachers journals (as well as to the Order members). Word of this has gotten to the Death Eaters and they've managed to start up their own journals as well to keep in contact with one another.

Even with the threat of Death Eaters, Dumbledore keeps the school running smoothly. Quidditch teams are beginning practice and a Halloween Ball is being planned, in addition to the Yule Ball.

Want to join a New Harry Potter RP with Cannon characters, great plots, and fun people that also allows slash. Then accio_hogwarts is for you.

Want to join?
Read through these.
general rules

If you have any questions the mod’s can be reached on AIM xx sevsnape xx or bushy Hermione
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[02 Sep 2004|08:40am]


Please help me out here and place a vote for House-Pride.net on mugglenet's topsites.

thank you so much for your help!

http://topsites.mugglenet.com/in.php?id=kianahp <-vote there xD

x posted everywhere
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[19 Aug 2004|01:12pm]

new forum if interested.

www.house-pride.net has a very unique sorting quiz and lots of activity and tons of cool people. you should check it out!

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Ron Weasly = Dumbledore? [18 Aug 2004|12:50am]

This seems to be the correct community to post this in:

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[07 Aug 2004|01:12am]

*Note: if this post is against community rules, please comment and I will delete.*

Calling all Harry Potter fans - Come join hogwarts_elite, the best sorting community there is! Hogwarts Elite is a highly selective sorting community that offers a variety of interactive Hogwarts experiences. For more information check out the community's user-info, and enroll today!
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[03 Aug 2004|02:11am]

Well, it doesn't get much more 'on crack' than thisCollapse )
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a little help? [10 Jul 2004|08:32pm]

can anybody here help me find a decent picture of Dudley? It doesn't have to be real big. I want to do something with it for Harry's birthday. ^-^ Yes I'm a nerd. But I promise to post it here when I'm done. :-D
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hehe... [18 Jun 2004|08:10pm]

[ mood | amused ]

x-postedCollapse )

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