slytherinjolie (slytherinjolie) wrote in hogwartsoncrack,

Introducing Myself...

Hello I'm just introducing myself. My name is Jolie AKA: slytherinjolie.

I'm a **HUGE** Draco/Hermione & Draco/Hermione/Blaise *grins* shipper! But i also like to read other ships as well.

I have recently graduated from college and I'm officially a Massage Therapist. YAY!

I currently have 5 completed Draco/Hermione fics that eventually I will be posting up very soon. And I have 2 is a Dramione fic and the other a Dramionaise!

After that i have a whole bunch of Dramione & Dramionaise fics that I'll be doing and posting up. (HAHAHA YOu'll never get rid of me ;-))

Well, I post the fist one up probably by later on the evening!

Glad to know there are other DHr &DHrB fanatics out there like me ;-)

Much love,


(If you wanna friend me don't hesitate to do so...the more the merrier!
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